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What Conquistador Pest and Termite Offer

Pests will always be lurking to scavenge potential food sources wherever there are people. Tucson, AZ is no different with most commercial and residential areas reporting cases of pest infestation. They may seem small and harmless at first, but once they get in contact with your water, food, or even you, things can really turn for the worst. Conquistador Pest and Termite provide expert pest control solutions that will have your place vermin-free in no time. Pest control Tucson Arizona services offered include:

Bees & Wasps Removal

Wasps are often confused with being bees due to their black and yellow color. Bees play an indispensable role in the eco-system pollinating the beautiful flower beds we love to smell and also providing quality honey. So, you can’t just go beating any beehive you see; they will for sure retaliate with an army of bees stinging you. Conquistador Pest and Termite only provide their services when bees and wasps pose a danger to human health. If they’re 100 ft away or 40 ft high, then there’s no need to agitate the situation. They generally protect their territory, which is why you need professional help when combating the situation.

Roach Control

If you happen to see a cockroach in your premises, chances are, there are a hive of cockroaches hidden somewhere. If you don’t nip the issue in the bud early enough, they will grow to a full-blown infestation. Roaches are generally attracted to anything that’s food and spread their infectious ailments on to them. Even if your home is clean, they can still live and breed successfully. They are incredibly resilient creatures given how they can survive on a limited supply of food and water. They are nocturnal critters who love warm, dark, and moist hiding places in crevices, cracks and hard-to-reach corners. Roaches enter your premise via the vents, cracks, crevices, pipe drains, and sewers. They are robust and had to kill, which is why you need a pro service for the extermination. Don’t let yourself get sick over a fixable problem.

You can never 100% get rid of pests in your space. The best you can do is manage the situation by ensuring the infestation doesn’t get out of hand. Conquistador Pest and Termite have a team licensed and professionals technicians who are always ready to provide an immediate response and solution to any pest problem you may have. Their services are affordable and discrete, so you won’t need to worry about neighbors or clients noticing the issue.

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